Who’s the Harvey Weinstein of the Kids Entertainment Industry?

  Who is the Harvey Weinstein of the Kids Entertainment Industry? If you have a kid in the entertainment Industry, names just flashed in your mind. I’ve heard stories and I’ve personally seen unacceptable behavior that would make most parents … Continued

A Producer’s Quandry: Carbonite vs. Crashplan vs. Backblaze after Crashplan Cancels it’s Home Service?

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It’s a recurring comparison for producers: Carbonite vs. Crashplan vs. Backblaze. What is the best off-site backup solution for those of us who producer large volumes of media? I switched from Carbonite to Crashplan on August 11th after over 7 … Continued

Why “Andi Mack” Is Already the Number One Show in It’s Demographic: Swinging the Pendulum at Disney Channel

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The competition is over. There are some great new shows on the way (more info here), but Disney Channel’s latest series, Andi Mack, has already taken the crown from any series Disney or its competitors can magically conjure in at … Continued

Adam Talks Kids Programming, Piper’s Picks & Workflow on FCPx Grill with Chris Fenwick

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LISTEN: Play in new window | Download Find the episode on: iTunes | Android | RSS FCPx Grill is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s partly a geeky thing for editors, but part Industry as well. Like it’s name sounds, FCPx Grill It’s … Continued

Why Nickelodeon Ratings Continue to #Fail (and What Viacom Can Do About It)

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Why Are Nickelodeon Ratings Slimed? In 2009, I told a former Nickelodeon executive and spouse of one of the network’s biggest producers that the Internet was going to take over the entertainment Industry. She laughed. Back then, dictating which shows … Continued

#AdamsAdvice 001: Representation for Kids, Pilot Season, Agents & Managers & Personal Branding

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#AdamsAdvice Episode 001 is here (and pretty raw looking). We’re talking personal branding, agents, managers, getting representation, and pilot season! What do you need to do to help your kid get started in acting and in LA. Adam is a … Continued

Kids Take a Piracy Rap While Streaming Music Services Takes Their Toll!

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Last month, one of my Florida colleagues wrote an article that details the importance of copyright law for musicians. It’s incredibly well articulated, well researched and full of personal insight that anyone interested in the business or financial end of a musician’s world should … Continued